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housekeeping services
Nature security services provide most appropriate solutions to various housekeeping needs. Our professional House Keeping Services are appropriate for residents, government and public sector as corporate office, industries, IT industries, institutes and commercial complex etc. having housekeeping technical persons with pleasant working environment. All members of our house keeping services are well trained and have substantial experience of services.

We use good quality imported products for housekeeping jobs. As far as Cleaning consumables are concerned we use Echo Friendly and Bio-Degradable products.

In our House keeping services, we offer:
  • 1. Daily sweeping and mopping of all floor area on continuous basis with quality cleaning materials manufactured by reputed companies.
  • 2. Cleaning of Dust, Cobwebs as and when required.
  • 3. Upkeep of all ceramic fittings and providing disinfectant materials and air purifiers for wash area and washbasins.
  • 4. Cleaning of all bathrooms, toilet blocks, wash basins, windows etc. in frequent intervals with the best quality of liquid detergent floor sanitizers phenyl & floor acid etc.
  • 5. Cleaning of window panels, glasses, partitions etc.
  • 6. Cleaning of all waste paper baskets. Cleaning of all telephones including intercoms and super phones.
  • 7. Cleaning and mopping of all rest rooms at regular intervals with quality materials.
  • 8. Cleaning furniture with dry clothes.
  • 9. Dusting and Cleaning of glass doors, windows, light fittings, sign boards, telephones etc.
  • 10. Collection and disposal of garbage waste papers at regular intervals.
  • 11. Scrubbing the floor tiles on weekly basis.
  • 12. Any other cleaning job as per the instruction from Sr. Officers / Managers / Office In-Charge etc.
  • 13. General maintenance work like - flower vase and pot arrangements, shifting of manure mixtures.