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We have an experienced team of professionals, who are well trained in different areas of guarding services, where they are required to perform....
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The Staff will be deployed as under :
All the guards shall be given intensive training at the location and also provide frequent similar training exercises. Our training programmes are designed to improve the skills & knowledge of each individual. Our basic training programme includes training in industrial security, fire fighting, unarmed combat & first aid.
Rounds of inspection are carried out at pre-determined frequencies at irregular intervals by a team of mobile supervisors. Each round is monitored, recorded and corrective action for deficiency if any, in performance is ensured.
All the guards deployed by us shall be medically checked before appointment.
Nature security shall deploy hard-working, dutiful, faithful and honest guards who will maintain strict discipline and keep neat and tidy appearance while on duty.
Guards are provided identical uniforms. They are directed to maintain a neat and tidy appearance, while on duty.

We offer following services :